Illuminating the pathways that lead us home

Fairhaven Lantern

A car skids on a wet highway to Williamsburg. John Sinclair,, former special-forces fighter, his wife Susan, a teacher, and their grown children, feel suspended as the car comes to rest without a crash. With altered perceptions, they time-travel to Virginia in 1775. John befriends a colorful Scottish veteran of 18th century campaigns. Susan finds a Quaker woman with a tragic past and learns secrets of leading families. Their college senior son Peter's quest to free a slave named Evie leads him to Annie, a spiritual and magical free African woman. His sister Megan helps Mark, an indentured blacksmith and his friend, Standing Elk, a Native American holy man..

The family is conflicted by many surprising things they learn about our history:

• "No taxation without representation" did not trigger war. The Stamp Tax & Townshend Duties were repealed many years before.

• The Quebec Act created an appointed rather than elected government there and gaved Quebec control of the land west of the 1763 Proclamation Line along the Appalachian Mountains. Prominent people in the Colonies were secret investors in land development companies working illegally west of the line. They determined to defy the Quebec Act.

• The Massachusetts Government Act revoked the colony's charter and declared that government would be appointed by the Crown, similar to the system in Quebec, leaders throughout the colonies cried “Tyranny.”

• The British set free as many slaves as did the Underground Railroad later, but few made it to a life in freedom.

• The young George Washington worked with for by a distant cousin who was heir and namesake of Thomas, Baron Cameron, the 3rd Earl of Fairfax who overthrew the King a century before. Did that influence our history?

Gate in the Fence of Time

A Journey to the Birth of America

By David Robert Berry      2016