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There are only two choices: Victim of life of Victor of life. We are hurled from womb to womb. You can lie down to wait or you can get on with it! That's life - you have to get engaged

Namgyal Rinpoche, Dharma Centre of Canada, 1996

In Tales of Awakening 65 students of Namgyal Rinpoche tell stories of interactions they had in a class or traveling around the world with their teacher of meditation. There is great diversity in viewpoint, realization before and after the interactions and in the signal he sent to each student in that moment in their lives. In the sum of the stories, teachings, and quotes, the essence of this book emerges.

Many authors who share in these pages are also teachers. Centers in many countries around the world and and books by Namgyal Rinpoche are listed in appendices.

Book Excerpts

Quotes from Namgyal Rinpoche​

Tales of Awakening

Travels, Teachings and Transcendence with Namgyal Rinpoche (1931-2003)

Gathered by Rab Wilkie & David Berry
Published April 23, 2012

Don’t look to the Lama to save you. If the Lama could, it would have been done long ago. You must walk the path yourself. Put responsibility on your own true nature.

Namgyal Rinpoche, Dharma Centre of Canada, 1993
One Voice, Christine Wihak
Switzerland, 1980s

Rinpoche was offering public teachings in Zurich. A woman in the audience had been a student of the guru Osho, who had recently died. With a very worried expression on her face, she asked whether she should be taking teaching from someone other than Osho.

Rinpoche replied simply, “If you know that all the Awakened Ones speak with one voice, you should. If you don't know that, you shouldn't.”

Bridgeview, Carina Bomers

Kinmount, 1990s

We were standing on the bridge in Kinmount and looking at a house in the distance that was completely burned down in a fire the night before.

One of our Dharma friends had lost everything in that house and Rinpoche quietly said, “See how it can all go up in flames so fast at any time. It’s best you get to work on your meditation. Those results do not disappear in any fire and last from lifetime to lifetime.”